1. Management Committee

The Management Committee comprises of the office bearers appointed by the Executive Committee.

The following office bearers were appointed.
Ms Susan Soh  - Chairman
Ms Eleanor Seet - Deputy Chairman
Mr Ian MacDonald - Honorary Secretary
Ms Jenny Sofian - Honorary Treasurer

2. Executive Committee

This Committee oversees the Secretariat, and is responsible for the oversight and governance of the various sub-Committees. The Regulatory, Education, Development, Risk and Performance, Professional Conduct Committees report into the IMAS Executive Committee. All decisions on matters of discipline of members will be made at the Executive Committee level. 

Please click here to view the list of Executive Committee members.

3. Professional Conduct Committee

All decisions on matters of discipline of members will be made at the Executive Committee level.
In the 2005 annual report, the Executive Committee has undertaken development work in the area of our disciplinary procedures and the operation of the Professional Conduct Committee.

4. Education Committee

The Education Committee strives to provide an educational platform for investment managers to continually upgrade their skills and broaden their knowledge.

5. Development Committee

The Development Committee pursues industry growth and development through various initiatives from introducing best practices and strengthening industry partnerships to stimulating innovations.

6. Regulatory Committee

The Regulatory Committee undertakes to identify and review regulatory policy issues and initiatives that may affect members and, where appropriate, develop industry policy approaches to advance the interests of the Association and its members.

7. Risk and Performance Committee

This Committee supports IMAS in its role as the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) country sponsor.

8. Digital Innovation Committee

This Committee supports IMAS in its role to promote adoption of digital technology within the asset management industry.