Why join IMAS?

IMAS has over 120 members from various walks of the investment industry. Members activities range from asset management, unit trust management, boutique fund management to venture capital, banking and stock broking. There is also a growing number of individuals who have joined IMAS as affiliate members.

Members are invited to participate in IMAS events held throughout the year. The various Committees also conduct regular forums, which enable members to voice their views or concerns about investment industry for discussion with other members. Members can also participate in the development of the investment industry by volunteering their services.

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How to Apply?


Any Person whether incorporated in Singapore or not, satisfying any one of the categories below shall be eligible to be a Regular Member at the absolute discretion of the Executive Committee:

(a) Holding a Capital Markets Service Licence ("CMS Licence") in respect of fund management under the Securities and Futures Act;

(b) Holding an exempt licensing status in respect of a CMS Licence for fund management under the Securities and Futures Act and whose primary business is in investment management; or

(c) In the opinion of the Executive Committee, carrying on the business of investment management, as may be approved by the Executive Committee.
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Regular Membership

Any Person which is not eligible for membership as a Regular Member by reason of it not fulfilling the criteria set out in Clause 6 of this Constitution and carries on a business connected or associated with the investment management business or related business shall be eligible to be an Associate Member at the absolute discretion of the Executive Committee.
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Associate Membership

Please send your application to:
IMAS Secretariat
One Phillip Street
Royal One Phillip #10-02
Singapore 048692

For further enquiries, please email us at or contact us at +65 6223 9353.
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