ABS/IFIS Seminar on Murabahah Financing 2 Dec 2005 at Raffles City Convention Centre

ABS with IFIS Business Advisory Pte Ltd have co organized a seminar on Murabahah Financing, co-organised by. Attached is the programme brochure, details as follow :

Date: Friday 2 December 2005
Time: 8.30 am (registration) / programme 9.00 am - 5.30 pm
Venue: Raffles City Convention Centre
Note : Please refer to attached brochure for details of course fees and registration, which are handled by IFIS

At the launch of the International Islamic Enterprise Forum (IIEF) on 29 September 2005, MAS announced a change in the regulatory framework to exempt Murabahah Financing from a Banking Act restriction that limits financial institutions from conducting non-financial activities. This seminar / workshop would be of benefit to financial institutions and related professional bodies who are new to the workings of Islamic Finance and also for those who plan to engage more actively in the business.

Programme overview
IFIS has arranged for experienced practitioners from Bahrain and Malaysia to deliver the programme, which will include an overview of syariah principles, concepts/features of Murabahah Finance followed by 2 concurrent workshops, on Trade Finance/Corporate Banking and Investment Banking.

Please liaise directly with IFIS on all registrations, payments and administrative matters.

IMAS Secretariat