Lipper Luncheon Talk

In partnership with IMAS and the SSFA, Lipper Vice President and Global Director of Research, Media & Marketing, Robin Thurston, will host a presentation to cover the following subjects as well as to discuss the possibility and benefits of developing a holdings-based classification structure in Singapore.

Returns-Based Style Analysis (RBSA)
- Benefits
- Weaknesses
- "Mid-Cap or Multi-Cap"
- Holdings-Based Analysis
- Benefits
- Weaknesses
- How to Answer the "Why" and the "What if"
- Lipper Classification Tools
- Lipper Active Indices
- Review
- Questions

Friday: 24th September 2004
Time: 12-2pm (lunch will be provided)
Place: Reuters Business Centre, OUB Centre #55-00

Please click for attached invitation for details on the event.
Please click here for presentation slides.

IMAS Secretariat