EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations - Implications for Asia/Singapore
Automated Wealth Management: Opportunity or Disruption?
IMAS 7th Regulatory/Legal Roundup Forum
IMAS 7th Regulatory/Legal Roundup Forum
Alpha with Impact
Practical ESG Applications to Investment Risk & Performance
IMAS Corporate Video 2021
Fintech Developments and Opportunities in Singapore and Japan
On 30 November, 5.30pm - 6.15pm (SGT), Nicolas Huras, Chairperson of the Digital Innovation Committee of IMAS alongside Jack Knight from The Investment Association and Naomi Takegoshi, The consortium for Japan International Asset Management Center Promotion (JIAM) discuss developments and opportunities for fintechs in Singapore and Japan, expanding on the fintech and investment landscape, and the associated trends, opportunities, and practicalities.
Trump's Executive Order 13959 - Implications on the Asset Management Industry
President Trump issued an Executive Order 13959, which prohibits U.S. Persons from purchasing securities of Communist Chinese Military Companies (“CCMCs”) from 11 January 2021 and they have until 11 November 2021 to divest from these securities. What are the implications of EO13959 on the asset management industry in Asia? The webinar will discuss the implementation challenges and the approaches that could be considered by the industry. Speakers Mr Tim Levin, Partner, Morgan Lewis Mr Kenneth Nunnekamp, Partner, Morgan Lewis
LIBOR Transition: Are You Ready?
Notwithstanding the COVID-19 disruptions, the overall LIBOR transition progress and momentum have not slowed and LIBOR is set to discontinue by end 2021. In this webinar, our panellists and moderator discuss the progress made in Singapore and the rest of Asia on the shift away from IBORs to RFRs, challenges faced by asset managers and how they are managing the transition, and the expected milestones for the transition.
Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing in a COVID-19 World
It was an insightful discussion at our IMAS thought leadership series on cybersecurity - Cybersecurity & Cloud computing in a COVID-19 world held on Wednesday, 7 October 2020. Our panellists shared their views on how firms should exercise agility when responding to the cyber risks as environment changes. Just as Peter Salmon highlighted, “Cybersecurity is everyone’s job. Not just your IT department”. Together with the cloud solutions available to help accelerate the digitalisation of companies, how the industry views cybersecurity and what has been done so far to manage the shift in working locations. Some key takeaways: Company will need to have a proper cloud governance model with the right security control. In addition, to continuously put through awareness campaign, the do’s and don'ts, to educate their employees. As aptly put across by Marcus Hackett, “our security defence is only as strong as the weakest link and everyone in the organization is responsible to take secu
Active vs Passive Investing: What's Your Take?
Faced with intensifying market volatility amid the economic fallout from a global pandemic, evolving geopolitical relations and the US presidential election this November, investors are questioning how best to position their portfolios. In current markets, investment managers may hold varying views about the performance of different asset classes, but most do agree that low interest rates could persist, making the search for income opportunities much harder. It raises the question of whether actively or passively managed investments will be most effective at uncovering tomorrow’s opportunities. Join us in this interactive webinar where our panellists will discuss the relative merits of various investment styles for investors in equities and fixed income.
ESG Considerations in a COVID World, and Latest Trends in ESG Funds
How should asset managers integrate ESG considerations into their portfolio? Which industries have been materially affected by the pandemic from an ESG perspective? What are some of the best practices in the asset management industry? What insights do the global and Asia flows provide?
An Asian Focus on Key Regulatory Trends and Developments
How has the global regulatory landscape changed in recent years? More recently, how has COVID-19 affected regulatory developments? How will these trends and developments affect the asset management industry in the Asia Pacific?
Liquidity Risk Management - Understanding Best Practices Across All Portfolio Types
Liquidity risk has been brought to the forefront of investors' concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Often considered a ‘hidden risk’, the webinar aims to discuss the implications of liquidity risk on portfolios and strategies in this current situation, as well as consider the best practices from a practitioner’s perspective.
Supporting Digitalisation and Investment Managers
Learn more about the incentives and initiatives from the speakers from MAS, IMDA and IBF, to accelerate digitisation, enhanced training support and the digital opportunities available to help you orientate your growth strategies in the Covid-19 pandemic.
Sifting through the COVID-19 Noise: Understanding the Balance between Containing the Pandemic and Managing the Economy
Containing the pandemic comes at a huge economic & social cost. Is it worth it? Join us as our panelists sift through the Covid noise and help us better understand the balance between containing Covid-19 and managing the economy.